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10 Key Takeaways from “What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School” by Mark McCormack

I recently finished reading this magnificent book, and I decided to write ten key takeaways and lessons from it. It is one of the best “sales” books I have read so far, full of significant insights from someone who has been doing this his entire life. If you want to one day do business on your own or not even, this book is excellent for you.

1. What people say and do in the most innocent situations can speak volumes about their real selves (page 4)

2. In selling, for instance, there is probably no greater asset than to listen aggressively (page 8)

3. Observation is an aggressive act. The statements people make about themselves, or the signals they give off, are both conscious and unconscious. (page 9)

4. Many of the most effective people I know in business are very low-key (page 12)

5. People often reveal their innermost selves in the most innocent of situations. How they deal with a waiter or an airline attendant can provide fascinating glimpse beneath the surface (page 15)

6. C.A.D.I.F – Commitment, Attention to detail, Immediate follow up –> 3 criteria your boss is judging you by (page 68)

7. Selling is what they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School (page 82)

8. Fear is the biggest single problem people have with selling: fear of rejection, fear of failure. What many people don’t appreciate is that fear of failure is one of the greatest positive motivators in business. If you aren’t afraid to fail, then you probably don’t care enough about success (pages 84-85)

9. The best person to sell to is someone who has just arrived at a new company or is just leaving (page 96)

10. Know your product. Knowing your product also means understanding the idea behind it – its purpose, how it’s perceived. Part of knowing your product is knowing all the reasons someone might not want to buy it (page 106)

Obviously, this book has a lot more insights and lessons that are good to know, however, I tried to summarize everything in 10 main points that I believe are important.

Hope you enjoyed it and it convinced you to read it as well.


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