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Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood - Review

I think this book is one of a kind. I love all Atwood’s collection, although I didn’t manage to read all of them. She has such a unique way of writing, that it captives you from the first page.

Alias Grace is another type of book. Under the “psychological” books, a genre which I absolutely adore, I was interested in reading this one for a while now. And the day finally came when I put down the book and all I could say was “wow”.

The story depicts true events that happened in 1843, when two people were presumably killed by their servants, Grace Marks and James McDermott. They were convicted. While McDermott was killed, Grace Marks was sentenced to life in prison.

However, the book ads a bit of fiction with a certain Doctor, a psychiatrist who researches the case and uses certain techniques to make Grace relive the day of the murder, as she has no memories of it. The goal was to pardon her of murder, hoping that she is mentally ill. Her character is more intelligent and observant than you would think, letting you question every bit of detail presented in the respective pages.

Grace starts by telling her life story, all the ups and downs, how she met her friend – Mary Whitney and how all events unfolded to the present day. She knows she has to keep the doctor interested in her case, and thus, relives every memory with a lot of details.

It is a really captivating book, I finished it in two days. I think the author’s writing style alongside the story make such an amazing book. Moreover, it’s clear that the book itself has the women identity as the main theme, which makes Atwood’s writing even more interesting.

It’s not an easy book, and it is long, but it is worth every page of it.

I know I haven’t given a full description of what happens in the book, but I believe I will spoil you every detail if I do so. There is nothing left to do, but for you to read it.

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