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How to build a following on Instagram

I know. I know. There are plenty of articles telling you what you need to do. You can search "how to increase your followers on Instagram" and the first thing you see a trillion of articles telling you "the key" to success.

The truth is – the key to success is a lot of work, consistency and…a few tricks here and there.

I have grown to 3755 (as to the moment I am writing this piece) in a few months. Although I started my page in June 2019, I took almost 4-5 months break when my school semester started in September, as I couldn't keep up with daily posting and university work. So therefore, I have grown in approximately 7 months. Of course, you can do this even faster than I did. However, I did not promote pics, I didn't do all the tips and tricks, and I concentrated more on growing organically.

The most important thing is for Instagram to like you. And here I mean, don't violate any of their regulations and rules, don't follow accounts super-fast or like/ comment on their posts a lot because you will get action blocked. And although, action-blocked doesn't mean you will be banned, doing this all the time can increase your chances of getting banned or for Instagram to don't boost your posts that much (don't show them to other accounts/pages).

What you can do:

1. Find a niche

• Think of what you want to post

• What do you want your audience to feel or get out of your posts?

• Select a niche in which you are comfortable, and you believe you have a lot of knowledge to share

2. Create an aesthetic

• Think of what you want to post and how it will look like on your page

• Set the colors, the font, the font size and be consistent

• If you're going to post a picture of yourself, make sure that your page looks aesthetically pleasing (same color in a row or two for example)

3. Hashtags

• Depending on the niche you're in, find at least 20-25 hashtags for your post

• Make sure you have 2-3 groups of different hashtags that you switch every day or every other day

• You can use the app "Tagme" to find hashtags that are relevant for your niche – you can see the reach for each respective hashtag

4. Caption

• Caption is essential.

• If you are writing a poem – you can take the most important lines from it and then write the whole poem in the caption. People have short attention spams

• If you are in another niche, make sure you bring some valuable insights in the caption.

• The caption is also a moment when you can have a "call-to-action". For example, "Type YES if you agree" or "Write down in comments if this happened to you as well". Like this, you are encouraging people to engage with you

5. Engagement groups

• They help you boost your post

• Find people in the same niche as you and join their engagement groups/ or make your own

• The moment you post, and you let them know, they will comment and like your posts – increasing the reach

• Most crucial tip: saving the post increases the reach. Make sure the people in your engagement group save your posts and vice versa.

These are the five most important tips I have to start getting followers. The hardest is to reach 1K, then it will be a bit easier.


Additional tips to reach 1k:

• You can try the follow-for-follow method. Be careful not to overdo it, so you get action blocked. However, this is not the most sustainable method out there as you can lose followers quickly.

• Do a lot of shout outs for other accounts in your niche and with the same following – you will get exposure

• Make sure to comment on different accounts.

If you want to learn more about how to grow followers or even if you wish to chat and get a direction on how to build your Instagram page, feel free to book a zoom consultation with me (for free). DM me @lifewithm.quotes or email me @lifewithm.contact@gmail.com if you're interested and let's get you that followers!


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