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How to overcome your fear of starting out

Fear will stop us from being who we are. Self-doubt is one of the reasons why people don’t achieve their dreams. We listen to what others think it’s “better” for us, or we listen to our own doubt, and we overlook how important it is to go after what we want.

Reading “The Sublet Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson, he talks a lot about fear and ways to get rid of it. And one takeaway that I have found in this book, is that in order to overcome what we are afraid of, we need to look fear in the "eyes" and acknowledge it. We need to know ourselves, and to ask ourselves, where is this fear coming from.

I think after we are able to do that, and to understand clearly why we have certain fears, then we can move on.

What I did a lot, and I am still doing, is watching videos and movies on people that succeeded. And what is surprising, is that all these people were afraid of something. They also doubted themselves. But they had the ability to understand their fears, so they could tackle them at the base. Moreover, the more knowledge you get on the thing you want to do, the less you will be afraid of what can happen. Part of the fear we have comes from the unknown. That can be easily resolved.

Truth be told, we will never be “ready”, and we will never be completely fearless. We need to pick a fight we want to have and go after it. Whether that is chasing your dreams, buying a car or writing a novel, nothing is 100% sure.

The beautiful thing is the journey.


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