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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I have read a lot of articles about how you should love yourself. All the big influences say it, all the celebrities preach it, but I found it hard to understand exactly how to love myself. In today world, it is tough even to accept yourself. With all those gorgeous people on the cover of magazines, with all the influencers on Instagram looking suitable and fit, the “normal” person seems not to have a chance.

My journey with loving myself was a tough process. I didn’t know exactly how to do it. It wasn’t anything natural. I always thought of myself as “average”. I wasn’t extraordinary. I wasn’t like those people on Instagram. I was average. And the thought of it hurt. I saw some friends who were "instafamous” and were posting pictures of them in the bathing suit, not a care in the world. For me, sometimes, even going to the beach was a whole adventure. I didn’t like exposing myself.

I spent most of my teenage years battling inside this love-hate relationship with myself. There were days when I loved how I look and days when I hated myself. I guess we all go through that.

I learned ultimately that the journey itself is to understand that first, we need to accept ourselves and the circumstances we are in. I was reading a lot of articles on how people fake their lives on social media, that most of the pictures were edited and that actually, people don’t look like that in real life. Realizing that was my first step towards accepting who I was. I know I talk a lot about looks, but usually, how we think we look triggers the relationship we have with ourselves.

I remember watching videos of celebrities talking about their lives and how nothing is as portrayed online. And becoming more aware of that made me understand that I should be grateful for the life I have. I should be thankful for myself and who I am.

Easier said than done, I know. But we should start first with accepting and becoming more aware of ourselves. Who are we? Why we are so great in every way possible.

We should get to know ourselves. I started going out alone. I went to the cinema alone and spent some day in coffee shops, writing or reading. But those single moments, when I was with myself, made me learn a lot of things about me. It was like going out with a friend. And we should all embrace being alone from time to time. We will learn more things about ourselves. We will be more comfortable with us, and we will know what we deserve. We won’t settle for less. It will make us stronger.

Start now. Read articles and books on self-development and self-love. There are important because they will open the door for more insight. They will give you advice. It is so important to know that every one of us is unique. You are too. You should make that effort in knowing yourself and ultimately loving yourself. You will understand that when life mistreats you, you’ll have yourself. And you are enough.

Love yourself.

Who else agrees? Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation. I would love to hear your opinions.


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