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How to start the self-love journey

I have struggled many years to find the beauty in myself. Looking at other "famous people" or social media influencers is very hard to compare. Many young people out there are feeling that they cannot compare to the "standard" of beauty imposed by a society that thrives on our insecurities.

So how can you start believing you're beautiful?

What I did was to understand that every person out there on the internet is not themselves fully. You see, most of the people we look up to, have flaws and imperfections themselves. It is in our nature as human beings to have them. But they covered them up, whether is cosmetic surgeries, makeup or restrictive eating. If you can understand that, then the journey to self-love is much easier than it looks.

Forgive yourself for all the things you didn't do, maybe because you were too shy or too afraid. Forgive yourself. Have a real conversation with yourself and try to understand that all the mistakes you did were part of your development. If it weren't for them, you wouldn't be this amazing person you are right now. It is all part of the process of self-love. It will help if you let go of your mistakes and forgive them.

Look in the mirror and instead of letting all your little flaws stand out, appreciate all the beautiful things about yourself. Appreciate yourself. Tell yourself how amazing you are for all these accomplishments; how beautiful your eyes are and how nice your hair looks today. Change the voice inside your head to your favour.

Listen to affirmations. I found this very useful for self-growth and to change the self-doubt at the voice I was telling myself in my head. You can find them on YouTube or podcasts. Listen to them before going to bed or in the morning if you have time.

Do what makes you happy. Whatever it is, whether it is singing, or sport, or acting, do what makes you happy. It is so crucial.

I know it is a bumpy road, but you will make it. The journey is beautiful, and it makes you who you are.


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