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Is Building Your Personal Brand Even A Thing?

The answer is YES. It is an excellent way to create a “brand” and even make money with it. I think now, more than ever, the urgency to have a strong personal brand around yourself is increasing. The economy is really in the mud; we don’t know what will happen, let alone in the following month, but the coming few months and even year.

You can start anytime to create “your brand”. Chances are, people are already googling you before a date, or before an interview. What pops out? Your Instagram profile, your Facebook or your LinkedIn. This is your opportunity now to take an active role in your life and make the right actions and decisions to make sure your “personal card” is a strong one.

The competition for jobs will be even more challenging, as I am experiencing it myself during these though months. By having an ace in your sleeve, this might bring you closer to your dream career.

As Jeff Bezos says, “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Nowadays, recruiters use social media more than ever to check out a candidate. It’s essential to make sure that these recruiters see you as a valuable asset for their company.

How to build your brand? Check out my last article on a few easy steps you can do to start this process.

Crafting your digital presence is so important. You need to keep it real – be authentic. Start updating all those social media profiles you have. I know, I always forget about LinkedIn – but do it. Update your profile with all the relevant details. If you think your profile is not good enough, there are so many free certificates you can get now and boost it up!

Share interesting articles with your network. Not a practice I always do, although I should, sharing valuable knowledge helps you stand out from the crowd. Being active is very important, so people will never forget you are there.

Follow people from the areas you’re interested in – see what they’re up to. What is refreshing to read now? Any engaging workshops that can boost up your profile? Use these social media platforms to create your little network that can eventually help you.

And if you don’t want/ need to get a job now, it doesn’t harm to have a strong personal brand around you. You can even sell things with it – or build your own company. Chances are, somebody will google you at one point. It’s good to make an excellent first impression, isn’t it?

If you want to learn more about how to update these profiles, how to use Instagram efficiently to reach your target, or even if you wish to chat and get a direction on how to build your brand, feel free to DM me @lifewithm.quotes or email me @lifewithm.contact@gmail.com and let’s build that brand!


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