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The Defining Decade – Review

The Defining Decade by Meg Ray is one of those books that you read because you want to get your life together finally. As a twenty-year-old something I completely agree with that.

I started reading this book while in isolation to try to make something of my “free” time and maybe, hopefully, inspire me to do “more”. And it did.

This book is the perfect thing to read for self-development. It is full of anecdotes of real people, who struggled with the same issues we are struggling now, e.g. procrastination, life crisis, doubt etc. and somehow all these people managed to end up really good, in a place they really wanted to be but didn’t know how to get there.

Because Meg Ray is a psychologist, this book really serves as a therapy session at home. She offers valuable advice to her patients, to whom we can relate.

Throughout the pages, she is trying to reinforce her message “you should take advantage of your twenty-somethings to build for the thirties and so on”. Before reading this book, I haven’t really overthought about my life in the long run, but this is the thing we should be doing. We should figure out what we really want to do in the future and start building today even if we are in quarantine or isolation or whatever. Opportunity is an opportunity, and this is an excellent time to develop our own “personal brand”.

Building our own “brand” doesn’t mean we are building a company, but we are gaining knowledge that will help us find a job, write that book we want, become a social media influencer or whatever we wanted to do. And the truth is, this is the excellent time to put those online classes and articles to use. What do you say?

Now I know you’ve come here to read my review. I went a bit off track, but I do believe this is a great book for anyone out there who wants to get their life back and doesn’t know-how. Full of good advice and real-life, relatable stories, it’s a really good book.

A quote that sums up this book “There are fifty million twentysomethings in the United States, most of whom are living with a staggering, unprecedented amount of uncertainty. Many have no idea what they will be doing, where they will be living, or who they will be with in two or even ten years. […] They wonder if they should be photographers or lawyers or designers or bankers. […] Most simply, they don’t know if their lives will work out and they don’t know what to do.”

Let's get our lives back.


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