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Top Books to read in April

1. Trust exercise by Susan Choi

Susan Choi’s narrative style is one of a kind. This story is about two high school students who fall in love. They were attending a competitive arts high school where students were struggling to be the first in their class.

It is a story about truth, conversations and how real life takes a tool on these students who are soon to graduate. Set in the early 1980’s, it depicts to the 21stcentury reader a different world, never seen before.

I loved this book, especially the ending, where every piece of puzzle comes together.

2. The defining decade by Meg Jay

This book is an inspiration for any 20 something like me. I bought this book in the midst of the self-isolation to try to motivate myself to do more. And I was not disappointed.

Meg Jay succeeds in telling different stories from different real-life characters who all went through the same thing: confusion, procrastination and self-doubt. We believe we are not good enough. We think that our twenties don’t matter that much, and it is a time to self-explore. What really transcends in her book is how important our twenties actually are, and how we should make the most of them.

I definitely had a different perspective of how my life should look like before reading this book, and now that I put it down, I started to self-reflect on how I should try to do more. I totally recommend this book for anyone who is looking to get motivated and down to work on their goals.

3. Mindset by Dr Carol S. Dweck

Now in the same category of self-development as The Defining Decade, Mindset is a must read.

Dr Carol, a renowned Sandford University psychologist, discovers the importance of mindset on our daily lives and career.

She depicts in her book how our mindset influences everything we do, from arts, sports, writing to our full-time jobs and ambitions. I was recommended this book by a friend so I thought I should give it a try. I was not disappointed.

A little disclaimer, it is quite a slow book and if you are not used to this style, it might take a little time to accustom yourself with her writing style, but I promise, you will love this book as much as I do. It opens your eyes to so many concepts and you definitely have a lot to learn.

Let me know which is your favorite one!


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